1.5TB MicroSD drops to lowest price ever in Killer Steam Deck Upgrade Deal

Dylan Horetsky

❘ Published: 2024-02-12T17:55:26 ❘ Updated: 2024-02-12T17:55:36

Are you looking for a storage upgrade for your Steam Deck or even your Nintendo Switch? A massive 1.5TB MicroSD just dropped to its lowest price ever on Amazon.

If you’re one of the millions who have purchased a Steam Deck since its release, you’ve probably had to uninstall games to install new ones due to lack of storage space. Fortunately, this can be fixed by using a MicroSD card.

You could get a small 256GB or 512GB MicroSD, but why not spend the extra money on something larger? Amazon has you covered with a huge deal on the perfect storage upgrade for your Steam Deck.

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Perfect for Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch and more

SanDisk’s 1.5TB MicroSD card has been the perfect choice for many users around the world and will provide ample storage for the vast majority of handheld console owners.

Not only is it perfect for the Steam Deck, as almost every handheld released in the last few years ships with support for 2TB or more of storage via the MicroSD slot.


The SanDisk 1.5 TB MicroSD also has absolutely massive specifications. It has a read speed of up to 150MB/s, which is enough to support the latest AAA titles on the Steam Deck and all titles on the Nintendo Switch.

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Thanks to its sheer size, the 1.5TB MicroSD card gives you more than enough storage space to enjoy your favorite titles at any time without having to constantly decide what to uninstall every time a new game comes out. It has room for dozens of high-end games and even more when it comes to smaller indie titles and the like.

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