According to sources, Starfield is Bethesda’s least buggy game yet

With Starfield in the hands of the media, developers, and those lucky enough to get the game early through other means, one question has been buzzing in my mind for months: Is Starfield buggy?

In the past we’ve all been used to it and remembered that Bethesda is known for its buggy games, but will Starfield break this vicious cycle? Luckily I spoke to several people who have been playing the game for over a week now to get the answer.

Our first public comment about Starfield being a polished game came from journalist Tyler McVicker, who is currently under an embargo on the title. Despite being under the embargo, McVicker reached out to Discord and said, “Also, it’s been 15 hours and not a single error.”

It’s never enough to take someone’s comments at face value, so I reached out to my contacts to dig a little deeper.

Speaking to multiple sources on condition of anonymity, who are currently under embargo and unable to speak publicly about the game, McVicker’s comment reflects the same opinion as everyone else I’ve spoken to. Five people, with varying amounts of time spent playing the game, all said the number of errors they encountered could be counted on the fingers of one hand. In fact, most said one or two at most, and everyone I spoke to had put dozens of hours into the game. In addition, it also said that almost all the bugs found were already listed in the Starfield Day 1 patch for fix.

Admittedly, even if I’m talking to five people, by and large it’s still a small pool of opinion. Public perception will always be different, but I think it’s a very encouraging sign to hear the enthusiasm behind the scenes and the positive attitude towards the game. It remains to be seen if public opinion will be different or not, but hey, I guess we have to wait about five more days.

In June, Microsoft Game Studios boss Matt Booty attended a Giant Bomb stream to talk about Starfield bugs and said: “Working with Todd and the team I see the number of bugs and based on the numbers alone this would be the one If it had shipped today, it would have had the fewest bugs any Bethesda game has ever shipped with.” It’s a bold statement, but from what we’ve been able to glean, it seems entirely accurate. But to be clear: Starfield will have bugs. All games do that. But a Bethesda game with as few bugs as possible sounds like a game made in heaven.

Starfield officially launches in Early Access for Xbox Series X|S and PC on August 1st and releases on September 6th.

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