Announced August reputation rankings for each Idol brand

The Korean Business Research Institute has released this month’s brand reputation rankings for individual idols!

The ranking was determined through an analysis of the consumer engagement, media coverage, interaction and community awareness indices of 1,720 idols using big data collected from July 24th to August 24th.

NewJeans’ Minji topped this month’s list with a Brand Reputation Index of 4,616,273, an impressive 124.30 percent increase in her score since July.

High-ranking phrases in Minji’s keyword analysis included “super shy,” “ETA,” and “billboard,” while her highest-ranking related terms were “fresh,” “adorable,” and “grow.” Their positivity-negativity analysis also returned a score of 93.97 percent positive responses.

Meanwhile, BTS’ Jungkook ranked a close second with a brand reputation index of 4,415,051 in August.

NewJeans’ Hanni rose to third place in the rankings with a Brand Reputation Index of 4,032,937, a whopping 171.75 percent increase in her score since last month.

NewJeans’ Haerin also climbed to fourth place after registering a stunning 195.90 percent increase in her Brand Reputation Index, taking her August total score to 3,991,467.

Finally, BTS’ Jimin completed the top five with a Brand Reputation Index of 3,671,188, a 12.64 percent increase in his score since July.

Check out the top 30 for this month below!

  1. Minji from NewJeans
  2. Jungkook from BTS
  3. Hanni from NewJeans
  4. Haerin from NewJeans
  5. Jimin from BTS
  6. Jisoo by BLACKPINK
  7. BTS’s V
  8. Hyein by NewJeans
  9. Danielle from NewJeans
  10. Wanna One is Kang Daniel
  11. OH, MY GIRL’s Mimi
  12. aespa’s winter
  13. OH MY GIRL, Arin
  14. YoonA from Girls’ Generation
  15. Juyeon from THE BOYZ
  16. Oh, my girl’s YooA
  17. TWICE is Jeongyeon
  18. Lisa from BLACKPINK
  19. The rosé from BLACKPINK
  20. Seulgi from Red Velvet
  21. Kyuhyun by Super Junior
  22. Jin from BTS
  23. Hong Eunchae by LE SSERAFIM
  24. Girls Generation Taeyeon
  25. Jaehyun from NCT
  26. Wendy from Red Velvet
  27. Mingyu by SEVENTEEN
  28. IVE is An Yu Jin
  29. Kim Heechul from Super Junior
  30. Jinni by NMIXX

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