Bold and beautiful preview: Thomas calls Liam a fool

In the latest The bold and the beautiful Preview for August 28th – September 1st, which man will Hope choose? Read on and check out the preview below.

After Beth’s birthday party, Liam urged Hope to remember all the pain Thomas had caused them and most importantly to keep the secret that Beth was still alive when they thought they lost her and that she was by Steffy was alive. He felt that Hope had lost herself and later Brooke also urged Hope to never forget what Thomas had done to her and Liam even if he had changed and she implored her daughter to be careful for their marriage battle.

When Steffy asked Liam if he could ever forgive Hope, he seemed more focused on how he could have ever walked away from Steffy. Meanwhile, Thomas told Hope that he loved her and that he would set her free if she wanted to be with Liam. Hope eventually confronted Liam and asked if they could work things out, but Liam said his feelings were complicated at the moment and he could never forgive or forget what she did to Thomas.

As she approaches, Brooke tells Hope she’s stunned that Liam doesn’t forgive her. Fearing that he will never get over what happened to Thomas, Hope explains that their marriage is at an end.

Meanwhile, Thomas confronts Liam, calling him an idiot and warning him that he will regret leaving Hope. Later, Thomas asks Hope to let him love like no other can.

Will Hope finally be able to break away from Liam? And will Steffy take Liam back or try to work on her marriage to Finn?

read this Bold and beautiful Spoilers for who Eric wants to keep secret.

Before you go, Check out the gallery below of soap stars we saw growing up before our eyes!

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