“Bring Them Home Now”: Israel airs Gaza hostage message during Super Bowl

Israel’s National Public Diplomacy Directorate in the Prime Minister’s Office released videos on Sunday before the Superbowl to raise awareness in the United States and around the world of the 136 hostages still in Hamas captivity.

One of the management’s videos, which is only 15 seconds long, contains the text: “There are still 136 places available for the game on Sunday. One for each Israeli hostage held captive by Hamas.” At the end of the video, in bold letters, it reads: “#BringThemHomeNow.”

In an earlier version of the video, the word “Israeli” was incorrectly spelled as “Isreli,” Walla reported.

In another video released by the directorate, titled “Bring All Dads Back Home,” the narrator addresses the fathers held hostage by Hamas through home footage of some fathers currently in captivity.

Bring all the fathers home

“To all fathers. The funny. The stupid. The strong ones. The adventurous ones. To all the fathers who have been held captive by Hamas for over 120 days: We vow to bring you home.” The video ends with the hashtag #BRINGALLDADSBACKHOME.


American Jewish comedian and actor Michael Rapaport posted an ad on his X account, formerly Twitter, on Thursday calling for the release of “the 136 hostages who are still being raped and tortured by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.”

In the ad, Rapaport promotes an application called that allows users to contact their local representatives to demand the release of the hostages.

“So use the app, don’t use the app, I don’t care, but call your representatives! Do it now, do it during a touchdown, do it during halftime, during a tree pose, an armadillo pose, I don’t give a fuck. Let’s take her home now!”

Visit here to access a form to ask your local representative to advocate for the release of the hostages in Hamas captivity.


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