Candace Owens doesn’t buy Michael Oher’s story, saying the white couple who took him in were “just good people” who cared about him and had no idea he was going to be a successful NFL player

Talking Head Candace Owens opened up about Michael Oher’s struggles with the people who took him in as a teenager.

Oher recently leveled allegations against Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy and his connection to their family.

A week ago, the former NFL player, who learned in February 2023 that he was never legally adopted by the white couple, filed a request to terminate the custody agreement he had with the couple.

Instead of adopting him, as they led him and the public to believe, according to the 2009 NL first-round draft pick, they even wrote a best-selling book and an Oscar-nominated film based on this story, but let him into his own conservatory position occur personal benefit.

“The lie about Michael’s adoption is a lie by which the two conservators, Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy, enriched themselves at the expense of their ward, the signatory Michael Oher,” read the documents, which were filed in a Shelby County court in Tennessee were submitted.

In 2004, the summer before his senior year of high school, the retired athlete moved in with the Tuohys, a wealthy restaurant franchisee.

Owens took to her podium and said she didn’t think the Tuohy family wanted to exploit him and his talents, arguing they had no idea he was going to turn pro.

“So, to believe Michael Oher’s version of events, one would have to assume that they conspired to meet with them despite having enormous wealth of their own… despite the family being the fast-food conglomerate and his.” franchise sold for more than $200 million This athlete … who they had no idea was going to make it to the NFL … who they had no idea if there was a book about it … who picked it up and turned into a movie…all so they could steal one. “A few hundred thousand extra dollars from him,” she said, staring blankly at the camera.

According to Owens, it makes no sense that they would come up with this elaborate plan to rob him after they set up a conservatory facility and kept his money there.

She called his claim and complaint “bullis##t” and “incredibly stupid”.

“You did it from the bottom of your heart. No question,” she continued, explaining that the couple brought the young man to life in their home, negotiated his contracts with the league and made sure he was successful.

In her opinion, “they were just good people who took care of him and loved him like he was their own son.”



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