Destiny 2’s War Banner dethrones Rally, Shield, and Iron Banners

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The new beach aspects that Destiny 2 has added this season have been interesting to say the least. The Warlock’s Weavewalker is already disabled, causing too much chaos in PvE with Glaive Stings and Arc-Buddy Assassinations. Hunter’s Whirling Maelstrom hasn’t broken through the game yet, but it’s hilarious to watch as it unfolds.

As for titanium? Bungie just created an all-new melee, sword, and glaive based build, Banner of War, which is now officially the best banner thing in the game. dethrone Rally Banner, Banner Shield and even Iron Banner. Best banner.

I was waiting for the loadouts to come back before trying this build, but curiosity got the better of me, and it is Great. I’ve always been a fan of glaive stabbing and I keep seeing swords becoming even more popular as this is one of the additional improvements swords have received this season.

This is what Banner of War does:

“Defeat a target with a finisher, melee attack, or sword to drop a war banner that pulses with energy, periodically healing allies and increasing melee and sword damage.” Targets defeated by you and nearby allies charge the banner and thus increasing the frequency of its impulses.”

destiny 2


Glaive stabs with unlimited ammo count as melee attacks, so they’re great for this. Swords have become monsters, both in terms of damage reduction when guarding and when dealing damage, due to the recent change in how often you can use heavy attacks. This also works with things like one-two punch shotguns for normal-sized melee damage. And of course the Frenzied Blade cuts from Strands. And the new Monte Carlo catalyst!

The three main exotic armor pieces that most people use when doing this are all weapons:

  • Stronghold, the sword enhancing weapons to become immortal through damage reduction and restoration.
  • Synthoceps, where these melee buffs get you back into that pre-nerf glaive damage frenzy we saw earlier from these.
  • ACD/O Feedback Fence, recently upgraded to work with Armor Charge and can clear AOE mobs if you get into a melee yourself.

Personally, I used my old favorite Synthoceps for this. I’m not sure I’ve got this perfect yet, but as soon as you get it rolling and stack Banners of War to x4 you’ll just be healed constant, and cutting through things with increased melee damage on the glaive or sword. Or both.

It’s one of the funnest builds I’ve seen in Destiny 2 in a long time, and borrows heavily from the Titan Smash! philosophy and I love it. Try it out with your favorite glaive, sword, and exotic weapons and see what all the fuss is about.

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