Google Messages could overtake Apple in satellite connectivity

A potential partnership with Garmin could make emergency services available in more than 150 countries at launch


  • Google could work with Garmin Response to add satellite emergency messaging capabilities to Google Messages, potentially making it available in more than 150 countries from launch.
  • This collaboration could allow Google to reach more people than Apple’s geo-restricted emergency SOS on the iPhone 14.
  • While this feature is still in development, the inclusion of the Garmin brand name in strings in the latest Google Messages update suggests a contractual agreement has been reached.

We know that Google is working to lay the groundwork needed to make satellite connectivity a reality in Android 14, and much more information has become available over the past few weeks. The company is preparing to add satellite emergency messages to Google Messages. New strings in the code now give us an idea of ​​which service provider Google is partnering with: Garmin Response.

Accordingly @neil_rahmouni on Twitter/X (via Mishaal Rahman) Strings of characters mentioning Garmin in connection with emergency services have appeared in Google Messages with the caption: “Messaging via satellite stopped.” For questions about your emergency, call Garmin Response at at. To report a new emergency, call your local emergency number.” While SOS features aren’t yet available in Messages, it’s certainly good evidence that the company is pretty much finished developing the feature.

Garmin Response is pretty much one of the best solutions for Google. According to the Garmin Response website, the SOS services are already available in more than 150 countries on all continents. While it’s unclear if Google will roll out the feature in all regions, that gives the company the potential to reach many more people than Apple is currently doing with the iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS program, which is aimed at a handful of Westerners countries is restricted.

Neïl Rahmouni is quick to point out that the strings only appeared in the latest Google Messages update, so it’s a recent development that could be discarded or modified later. However, Google would likely refrain from adding strings referencing a third party unless the company already has a contractual agreement in place, increasing the likelihood that the feature will be rolled out with Garmin involvement. With satellite connectivity likely to require new hardware, launch alongside the Google Pixel 8 series is a possibility.


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