Google reveals new Pixel 8 camera secrets

to get some powerful camera upgrades according to a recent Google poll.GOOGLE

As excitement builds for Google’s upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, even more information has been leaked about the planned camera upgrades – and this time the information comes directly from Google.

In an official poll recently sent out to Pixel superfans, the company sought opinions on the “future of pixel sports,” asking its most loyal customer base to choose from a range of spot-based photography scenarios and say which one their decision when buying a new smartphone would have the greatest influence.

Interestingly, the list of scenarios includes a selection of unreleased camera-based features not currently available in any Pixel product. I have listed them below:

  • A new Audio Magic Eraser feature, already detailed in a previous leak, that uses AI to remove unwanted background noise from your video recordings.
  • AI Photo Merge that “can create the perfect team picture by merging everyone’s best shots using your phone’s AI technology so everyone looks great.”
  • New “Gphotos” editing features – refers to new AI-based features in Google Photos that allow you to “instantly change the photo background, people’s clothing, or anything else in the photo.” This is believed to be related to the Magic Editor feature announced earlier this year.
  • Faster camera opening – The Pixel 7 Pro’s camera already launches very quickly, so it will be interesting to see what the Pixel 8 can do here and if it will make a noticeable difference.

The full list of scenarios has since been published by an experienced tipster on X (née Twitter). Kamila Wojciechowska.

It’s well known that getting group photos right is difficult, especially with larger numbers of people (someone always has their eyes closed!), so any AI-assisted assistance here would be more than welcome. It’s not uncommon for professional photographers to take multiple versions of a group shot before carefully cutting and pasting the best elements of each to create a new “perfect” result. Casual users are unlikely to bother with this, so having the smartphone do it for you would be an impressive addition to the camera.

In addition to these software tricks, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro cameras are expected to feature an updated camera app and some significantly upgraded camera hardware. It looks like we’re in for an impressive show when the Pixel 8 lineup finally launches later this year.

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