Honoring the legacy of game show host and activist Bob Barker


For over thirty years, Bob Barker was known and loved as the host of the hit game show The Price is Right. He famously ended each episode by asking viewers to spay or neuter their pets. Barker spent decades giving his time and money to improve the lives of creatures large and small. Here are several organizations you can donate to in honor of Bob Barker’s legacy.

Barker often joined with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to campaign on various animal welfare issues – from protecting captive orcas to refusing product testing on rabbits. “We love this man,” PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk said in 2018. “But what do you give someone who has everything and gives everything for animals?” The answer is a rescued horse named in his honor.” PETA named his Headquarters in Los Angeles also added “The Bob Barker Building,” recognizing the presenter’s multimillion-dollar donation.

Barker helped relocate captive large animals to comfortable sanctuaries. In 2013, the Performing Animal Welfare Society’s sanctuary welcomed three elephants from the Toronto Zoo after their program was shut down. Barker’s $1 million donation ensured the safe transportation of Iringa, Thika, and Toka. “When an elephant stays in captivity,” Barker said, “the PAWS sanctuary is the best place on earth for him.” The 2,300-acre sanctuary is also home to lions, bears and tigers.

awards and achievements

While Barker was recognized for his work on screen at the 19 Daytime Emmys, he was also recognized for his dedication. The Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals presented Barker with the President’s Award in 2007. The nonprofit animal welfare organization has been helping animals since 1877 with services like animal cruelty investigations and an animal welfare team during disasters.

Aside from simple activism, the TV veteran championed animal rights and ethics studies in law schools around the world. Barker was made an Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Center for Animal Ethics. “Bob’s ingenuity and generosity almost single-handedly transformed animal ethics from a marginal issue into the academic mainstream in just over a decade. It’s a colossal achievement,” said Professor Andrew Linzey of the University of Oxford.

In his younger days, Barker attended Drury University, then known as Drury College, on a basketball scholarship. He has since donated millions of dollars to his alma mater, funded a scholarship and internship fund, and established the university’s animal studies program. “Thanks to his support, Drury University is able to place bright young minds in this important field,” said Drury President Timothy Cloyd. “Gifts like these have a far-reaching impact on the lives of our graduates and the world around them.”

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