Israeli ‘air strike’ shuts down Aleppo airport, Syria says

The Syrian Defense Ministry said on Monday that an Israeli airstrike has shut down Aleppo International Airport.

“The Israeli enemy carried out an airstrike… on Aleppo International Airport,” a military source said.

According to the Syrian state media SANA, the alleged Israeli airstrike happened at 4:30 a.m.

The airport’s runways were damaged in the attack, leaving it out of service, the report said. “The aggression caused property damage to the airport’s runway, rendering it out of service,” the source added.

The Syrian regime recently claimed that the airport was attacked in early May. Syria claimed several civilians and soldiers were injured. The Syrian regime also claimed that the airport was being used to deliver relief supplies to earthquake victims in northern Syria.

In March, the state news agency SANA said that Israel had “carried out an airstrike from the Mediterranean Sea west of Latakia on Aleppo International Airport”. Syria also claimed damage to the airport at the time.

Smoke and flames rise above the Syrian border town of Kobani after an airstrike, October 20, 2014 (Source: REUTERS)

Iran’s proxies use Aleppo Airport to transport weapons

According to Reuters, which relied on various sources for a report in April, Iran used Aleppo airport to transport arms and military equipment to Syria. Iran used the airport to hijack aid shipments after an earthquake in Turkey on February 6 also caused damage and deaths in northwestern Syria.

Aleppo is close to the Turkish border and also in the damaged areas of Idlib and Lattakia. The Syrian regime recaptured Aleppo from Syrian rebels in 2016. Since then, pro-Iranian proxies and Hezbollah have been active in the region.

A document leaked as part of a broader disclosure of American intelligence documents also indicated that Iran was using the earthquake as a cover for arms shipments to Syria.

Aleppo Airport was also damaged in two airstrikes in September 2022. Satellite images from ImageSat International (ISI) at the time showed that the runway was apparently out of service. The ISI report states that, according to the media, the airport is “used by Iran to transport arms to Hezbollah… ISI Assessment: The attack was aimed at shutting down the runway and airport set.”

According to the Alma Research and Education Center, there is also a Syrian Defense Ministry complex near Safirah, which is near Aleppo. The research center published articles earlier this year focusing on Aleppo. There is also believed to be a Syrian CERS center in Safirah linked to Syria’s advanced weapons and missile program.

This is an evolving story.

Jerusalem Post and Reuters staff contributed to this report.


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