Jessica Alba’s kitchen cabinet color is set to be a big trend in 2024 |

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Calm, luxe and elegant, pink beige is one of the key colors Jessica Alba celebrates in her family kitchen – and this carefully curated space is a testament to the versatility of this incredible hue.

Finding the ideal kitchen cabinet color is not as easy as it first seems. Pink can feel overly sweet and sugary, while trying to warm it up might get you into magnolia territory. Pink beige is a nice middle ground.

However, this color is not new. Shades of pink and beige are extremely versatile and have been a popular choice in interior design for centuries. Of all the variations, blush, salmon pink, and peach edge ahead of the others for their orange undertones and warm qualities.

At first glance, this season’s pink and beige selection may seem a bit cliched – after all, barbiecore and quiet luxury were the most talked about trends of the year. But look again. Pink has come of age and traded its cute reputation for a more muted, sophisticated and earthy look. While beige has lost its drab, outdated and boring connotations.

“There’s an exciting duality in this adult color trend – it’s soft and delicate, yet strong and serene,” says Paula Taylor, color and trend specialist at Graham & Brown. “The result is a calm, enveloping hue that’s great for kitchens and living rooms – in fact, any room where you want a calm atmosphere.”

“The warming pink-beige undertones are particularly suited to north- or west-facing rooms, which typically receive less light,” advises Jane Rockett, co-founder of Rockett St George. “In these spaces, cool tones of bright white, light blue, and lime green can be impersonal and colorful.”

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

With its clear reference to nature, pink-beige is used to paint accent walls and brighten a living space with pops of color that symbolize and promote health and vitality.

“Being closely related to orange and brown tones, the color is mood-enhancing without being overpowering like many reds are. On the other hand, for more subdued and subtle tones, pink-beige can be a good choice to boost calm confidence and composure,” enthuses Sarah Lloyd, Senior Brand Manager at Valspar.

Ruth Motteshead, Creative Director at Little Greene, agrees that softer shades of pink and beige can serve as a neutral base for any decorating project. “They’re reminiscent of natural plaster tones, with earthy undertones that add warmth to a room and add a pop of color or serve as a neutral base for bolder colors.”

If you’re looking for color contrast, Andy Greenall, creative director at Paint & Paper Library, recommends “contrasting pink-beige tones with teal, cool white, darker blue and gray.” Or add and mix with natural finishes warmer neutrals for a luxe feel.”


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