Labor suspends second parliamentary candidate after records leak

British Parliament

Labor has suspended a second parliamentary candidate after he was accused of making comments about Israel.

According to the BBC, former Hyndburn MP Graham Jones is also under investigation.

This came after Labor withdrew its support for the party’s candidate for the Rochdale by-election, Azhar Ali, because he appeared to have made anti-Semitic comments.

Mr Jones has been contacted for comment.

Labor had selected Mr Jones to stand for his former Lancashire seat in the upcoming general election.

But on Tuesday, audio recordings allegedly emerged of the former MP arguing that Britons fighting in the Israeli forces “should be locked up” while using swear words to refer to the country.

At the same meeting, Mr Ali was said to have blamed “people in the media from certain Jewish areas” for the suspension of Labor MP Andy McDonald.

The Jewish Labor Movement said Mr Jones’ alleged comments were “appalling and unacceptable”. The group later said it was “pleased” that Mr Jones had been “quickly suspended”.

Mr Jones has already been invited for an interview and will have to go through a formal process to withdraw his candidacy.

Earlier, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer insisted he had taken “decisive action” over comments made by Mr Ali, whose apparent comments were reported by the Daily Mail.

The party initially stood by Mr Ali when the MP apologized for telling a meeting of Labor members and councilors that Israel had “allowed” the Hamas attacks on October 7 as a pretext for the invasion of Gaza. .

However, when the Daily Mail published a more detailed recording of the meeting, Labor decided to withdraw its support.

Sir Keir defended his actions, saying: “Yesterday further information came to light that required decisive action, so I took decisive action.”

“Withdrawing support from a Labor candidate in a by-election is a big deal.”

“But when I say the Labor Party has changed under my leadership, I mean it.”


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