Love Island USA Season 5 has crowned its champions

It occasionally hits 100 degrees outside, but it seems we’re still nearing the end of summer, and that means exactly one thing: another season of weirdly complicated dating show/reality competition love island is over on Peacock. Technically, this was the fifth season of the American version of the show, which ran on CBS for a few years before moving to Peacock and hiring Sarah Hyland to host, and while everyone’s obviously still on board with the thrill, 30 or 30 minutes So random people were lumped together and forced to “fall in love” for a chance at a $100,000 win. This season was arguably a bit duller than most – possibly due to the tiresome romance between Carmen Kocourek and Kenzo Nudo, who were so obviously in love and lacking in drama that it wasn’t exactly good TV (they finished fourth).

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For those not following love islandThe basic concept is that a few dozen people live together in a remote place, generally on an island, and in order to survive each week they have to team up with another person – either because they want to stay in the game or because they “the actually “like” another person. There are challenges and prizes throughout the summer, as well as a few different ways to get kicked out of the show, ultimately leading to the final week where the public (that’s us) gets to vote on which remaining pair should win. The winning couple gets $100,000 to start a life together or just pay off some student loans and then never see their partner again (it’s their money, they can choose what to do with it).

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This year’s winners were Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli, a somewhat controversial choice Love Island USA A hashtag can be used as a guide, but in a competition as subjective as this, there’s no way everyone will be happy with the ending. Everyone seems to agree that at least Hannah and Marco really like each other, so that’s nice. But it’s based on voting anyway, so sometimes democracy just works that way. The second-place pair was Kassandra Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio, followed by Carsten Bergersen and Taylor Smith in third place.

If all that wasn’t enough love island There will be a crossover of the American, Australian and British versions for you in November Love Island games with former contestants from the other versions of the show.

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