More arrests after brazen flash mob attack at East LA Nike

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officers, who crack down on flash mob raids, have arrested 10 more people after two days of undercover investigations into a recent robbery at the Nike Community Store in east Los Angeles, officials said this weekend known.

According to the agency, investigators also seized $3,000 worth of merchandise and of those arrested, four were arrested on organized retail theft charges. Two criminal street gangs are linked to the retail thefts.

The arrests come amid a string of robberies of branded stores from Yves Saint Laurent in Glendale to Nordstrom in Canoga Park.

Earlier this month Mayor Karen Bass announced the formation of a new task force of local and state agencies to fight crime.

Just days before their announcement, according to KTLA, video was captured of a group of thieves exiting a Nike store in East Los Angeles at around 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 13 with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. They escaped in a red SUV.

The sheriff’s department arrested six people in connection with the flash mob after officers stopped an SUV on August 17 and found large bags of Nike sneakers.

In video of the brazen robbery on the train station premises, a robber can be seen calmly walking out with a garbage bag full of shoeboxes. The thief awkwardly bends over to pick up crates that have fallen out of the bag while more fall to the ground.

This latest operation took place Thursday and Friday in partnership with Nike and its loss prevention team to “detain suspects, deter criminal activity and protect life and property at the Nike Community Store in East Los Angeles.”

Two of the recently arrested suspects had outstanding arrest warrants, one of which was a shoplifting warrant. The names of the suspects were not released and it is unclear if any of them were linked to the August 13 incident.


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