New York man gets $1 million from scratch card


August 27, 2023 | 2:41 p.m

A 57-year-old Brooklyn man recently won $1 million on a scratch card he bought at a Harlem corner store, state lottery officials say.

Rodney Henderson is now getting 20 annual installments of $30,612 after winning his big win in the New York Lottery’s “Strike It Rich!” game, according to a press release.

Henderson bought his gold ticket from 477 Food, also owned by Arkan Food Corp. located at the corner of West 134th Street and Lenox Avenue, lottery officials said.

Henderson didn’t respond to Post requests for comment Sunday.

But a bodega employee, Maged Ahmed, 49, told The Post he was shocked to learn the store had sold the ticket.

“We didn’t even know until now!” said Ahmed. “They didn’t even send a letter.”

This Manhattan bodega sold a $1 million scratch card. GNMiller/NYPost Store employees are thrilled that their bodega has been successfully sold.GNMiller/NYPost

Ahmed doesn’t know Henderson personally but said he hopes the win will encourage others to get tickets there.

“If they feel the store brings good luck, they come in for even better luck,” Ahmed said. “More and more people are coming and more people want to play.”

Others envied Henderson’s extraordinary luck.

Bobby Carter, a 42-year-old Whole Foods employee, was asked if he was jealous and replied, “Yes, I am!

A 57-year-old man won the grand prize in the state’s Strike It Rich! scratch-off game competition. New York Lottery A single scratch ticket brought a lucky man from Brooklyn $1 million.New York Lottery

“Why shouldn’t it be me?” Carter said. “I always play the lottery every day. I don’t have time to work all my life.”

But he saw the benefits for the small mom and pop market.

“Now you can have more customers!” he said to Ahmed.

The New York Lottery is the continent’s largest and most profitable lottery and donated $3.7 billion in support of public education in upstate New York last fiscal year, officials said.

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