Peter Frampton didn’t expect to be nominated for the Rock Hall

“Listen, I screamed when I found out.” Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images

Although at a time when everyone in the suburbs was getting one of his albums with a taste of Tide, Peter Frampton received his first nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame only this year – along with contemporaries like Ozzy Osbourne and Cher, Foreigner and Kool & the Gang on the 2024 ballot. Frampton and his resume have been admitted to the institution since 1998, and he tells me that he has naturally thought about the possibility of “putting his name in the hat,” even if he has certain There have been criticisms of the Rock Hall over the years. But his chances of being nominated increased a few months ago when he attended Sheryl Crow’s induction and played his guitar at full speed on stage.

The Rock Hall will announce its official 2024 schedule at the end of April, and until then, Frampton — who now performs with the help of a chair due to a degenerative muscle disease — is embarking on his Never Ever Say Never tour across the country. But more pressing matters must be resolved first. “The family will go out for a celebratory brunch,” he says with a laugh. “I don’t drink, but I’m sure there will be a few mimosas.”

Congratulations and have a long wait, sir.
Thank you. This isn’t the kind of call I expected today.

What makes you say that?
Listen, I screamed when I found out. All my life I never really expected anything. I know a lot of other people expected this for me, and I appreciate them, but if it didn’t happen, it wouldn’t happen.

Who was the lucky person who told you?
My two managers. It was a tag team. They called me and teased me that they had great news. We think this is what you want to hear, Peter.

Why did you never expect this?
Because I’m a realist. I had a legendary career. I went up and down and up and down more times than a yo-yo. The Rock Hall has never been something where I said to myself: I earn it. I expect that. I’m not that kind of person. I accept what I have and I have lived an incredible life over the years because of my music and my fans. Over the last few years my social media comments have been pretty incredible from fans and people in the industry who were confused that I wasn’t there. I have nothing to complain about. If you don’t expect it, it’s even better when it happens.

Musicians’ opinions about this award vary greatly. If you just look at the other nominees, you’ll notice that one band complains about being excluded for yearssaid another singer wouldn’t show up when introduced while several others think it is a Cool And Pretty Thing. I don’t think you’ve ever spoken about your views on the Rock Hall before.
I have been critical of the decisions made about who should be nominated. I know from a reliable source that the staff has changed. The chairman has changed. It’s for the better. Things are becoming more realistic.

What were some of these criticisms?
Sometimes, when it comes to nominations, I just said: You must be kidding me. I’m not alone. Some of their decisions have been pretty bizarre in the past. I’m not saying these people didn’t deserve to be there at some point, but they were ahead of the other people who didn’t get to do it. At the moment we are breaking new ground with the Rock Hall, which I am very happy about.

Do you have any theories about why it took so long to get a nomination?
Not really. If it took this long, then so be it. It’s by no means a done deal – I still have to get through the vote. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the first vote for everyone to vote on. I don’t expect anything from that either. I’ll definitely do some “please vote for me” things on social media. I’ve seen others do this in the past and I think it’s great. Let the public know what’s going on.

You appeared at the ceremony last year and performed alongside Stevie Nicks for Sheryl Crow’s contribution, marking her first participation in an induction. Can you tell me more about this experience and what it meant to you?
It was an honor to be asked by Sheryl, who I have been a huge fan of since her inception. Their first concert was one of mine, so there is a connection that goes way back. I will continue to thank her for making a splash. She said: Look, this guy isn’t there, what do you think? That was her goal, I think. Plus, I’ve always wanted to play with her and her band, and having Stevie there – who I’ve known since this year – was an exhilarating experience. I was thrilled to be a part of it. It was great Be I have to say that. I felt like I was a part of the evening and we did a great job.

I feel like your nomination started a chain reaction.
It definitely played a role in it.

I know you also attended the 2006 ceremony – there are some great photos of you and your fellow nominee Dave Navarro hanging out together. What memories of that evening have stayed with you over the years?
Gosh, I tried to remember that night. I don’t have too many memories. At that point it was a much smaller affair. It was in a hotel in New York City. All I really remember is thinking to myself: Well, maybe one day.

With your snub confirmed, what other failings do you think the Rock Hall needs to address next? Sheryl was Your top lawyer last year.
Many of the nominees this year are obvious. Waylon Jennings is the name that comes to mind – Willie Nelson, Sheryl, and I thought about that at the ceremony last year.

Do you know the Gallagher brothers? Is there any chance you can arrange an Oasis meeting?
I don’t know her. I wish I had. It would be interesting to see if both would be willing to take the stage at the same time. Oh, come on, boys. Life is too short. Get back together.

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