Plane carrying Canadian parachutists crashes in Mexico, killing man on beach with his wife

A plane carrying four Canadian skydivers crashed on a beach in southern Mexico on Sunday, killing a man who was on the beach with his wife, authorities said. There was no immediate information about why the plane crashed, but it appeared to have made an emergency landing and was mostly intact, officials said.

However, it fell into a relatively populated stretch of beach in the Pacific coast city of Puerto Escondido, almost landing on the victim, whose nationality was not disclosed.

The four Canadians and one Mexican on board the small plane were removed from the aircraft and taken for treatment. The Oaxaca state civil defense office said the injured, aged 60, 59, 41 and 35, were in “stable” condition.

There was no immediate information on the Canadians’ names or hometowns.

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The office said the dead man’s wife was nearby but was unharmed.

Puerto Global, which released a video of the aftermath of the crash, reported that the victim was taking photos with his wife when the plane went down.

CAE AVIONETA EN PLAYA BACOCHO Emergency situation of an aircraft with 17 Paracaidistas in Playa Bacocho, #PuertoEscondido. The person named Armando DC, aged 67, landed in the city of Oaxaca and found a few photos next to his post just before Vieron left the plane. Doctors who have to go on vacation to cure a man, but that is not possible, the healing powers must be in the right shape right away to help the heirs of the plane. After a few minutes, I finally got to the ambulances and transferred them to the hospitals in Puerto Escondido. #Oaxaca

Written by Puerto Global on Sunday, February 11, 2024

The video posted by Puerto Global shows the side of the plane with the words “Skydive Puerto Escondido” written on it. The Skydive Puerto Escondido website offers jumps from 13,000 feet above sea level.

The accident occurred just a few meters from the water and even closer to a wooden beach structure often used for restaurants in Puerto Escondido.

Video of the aftermath posted on social media showed beachgoers carrying at least one person from the plane across the sand.

State Governor Salomon Jara said on a social media Post that resources would be mobilized to help the injured plane passengers.

“We will provide the family of the deceased with the necessary support and accompany them in the face of their irreparable loss,” he said.

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