Steve Harvey furiously denounces rumors his wife Marjorie Bridges cheated on him and apologizes for ‘unfunny comic’ tweet

Steve Harvey on Friday personally clarified recent rumors about his personal life that many people have been chatting about on social media.

In a video post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the 66-year-old TV host furiously denounced rumors that his wife Marjorie Bridges, 58, had allegedly cheated on him with the couple’s bodyguard and personal chef.

He also apologized for the “unfunny comic” tweet posted on X, which was posted to his account by a staff member.

“🗣️ I’m addressing this personally,” Harvey wrote on Aug. 25.

The video was taken from the waist up and shows the host of The Celebrity Family Feud wearing a white short-sleeve shirt and a green cargo-pattern sun hat with two black laces attached.

Personal address: On Friday, TV host Steve Harvey posted a video on Twitter in which he personally addressed rumors that his wife, Marjorie Bridges, had cheated on him, and also apologized for an “unfunny comic book” tweet. Marriage in Trouble?: Earlier this week, a post on pictured in Las Vegas in 2015 We Fine: Harvey in his video criticized the rumors that Bridges cheated on him with her bodyguard and a personal chef. “We’re fine” was the TV presenter’s response to his relationship with his wife; pictured in 2019

Harvey was standing outside on the green lawn and in front of a white fence, and in the video he first addressed the rumors of Bridges’ infidelity and dismissed them outright.

“I don’t know what y’all are doing but find something else to do because we’re fine…I don’t have time for rumors and gossip,” Harvey explained in the video.

The scam rumors began earlier this week on X, formerly known as Twitter, and quickly went viral. They claimed Marjorie cheated on Steve using her bodyguard and one of her personal chefs.

The 66-year-old spends the rest of the 56-second video apologizing for a now-deleted post on his X account, which urged his followers to name the ‘comedian’ who they didn’t find funny at all.’

Although the tweet (now deleted) was created on Harvey’s account, the TV host explained that he did not personally write and post it. Rather, it was one of his employees who wrote the tweet.

Someone who works for me made a totally negative statement on my twitter. I have to take responsibility for them because they work for me. But the engagement was about, “Name a comedian you don’t think is funny. Why would I do something like that?” he said in a video response.

Like many other celebrities, Harvey has people working specifically for him to manage his social media accounts.

Harvey also stated that he would never publish a tweet like the one posted by the employee on the TV host’s X account, stating that it didn’t fit his brand.

“My entire brand is supposed to be motivational, and am I going to turn around and say something like that?” …. I’m all about positivity. “I would never have done anything like that,” Harvey explained.

It was the employee: Responding to the now-deleted tweet, which asked his followers to name the “comedian they didn’t find funny at all,” Harvey said it wasn’t him who wrote and posted the tweet have. Rather, it was an employee who manages the TV host’s social media accounts. Doesn’t fit my brand: Harvey expressed his anger at the employee’s tweet (now deleted) on his personal X account, stating: It’s not part of his brand, which is about being positive and making my life better to change: Steve and Marjorie have been married since 2007. In a 2012 interview with People magazine, Steve, who has been married twice, said that being married to Marjorie “changed the way he existed”; seen in Paris in 2016

The 66-year-old concluded his video revealing how upset he was at the whole ordeal over the tweet and saying the employee in question would be fired.

“I’m so pissed right now man,” he continued. “Speaking of which, ‘I was trying to get involved.’ Okay, ok, you’re trying to get employment too…Now I gotta come over here and take a fucking selfie. So here it is: I’m sorry, man. My mistake folks. “But that won’t happen again,” said the TV presenter.

Steve and Marjorie have been married since 2007. In a 2012 interview with People Magazine, Steve, who has been married twice, said his third and current wife “changed his life.”

“I’ve never had a healthy adult relationship.” “I’ve never been loyal, I’ve never been fully respected,” Harvey told People magazine.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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