Taylor Swift Overflow fans listen to the Eras tour outside the Mexico City venue

Taylor Swift’s Mexico City Venue Isn’t Big Enough!!! Hundreds listen outside

Taylor SwiftThe international popularity was pretty evident Saturday night in Mexico…Not only did it fill the venue, hundreds of fans sat outside in stands…just to listen.

Taylor performed in Mexico City on Saturday night — she’s had four shows in the country — and it seemed like there wasn’t a venue big enough to satisfy all Swifties.

The second best thing about seeing Taylor is listening to her, and they did. Hundreds of fans flocked to hear the Eras concert. The grandstands were indeed filled to the last seat and people were turned away.

During the show, Taylor began the show with “Hola!”… and encouraged her dancers to speak Spanish throughout the show.

She told the audience… “Welcome to the acoustic section! Can I say to everyone on the back that you are absolutely amazing. I’ve been watching you all night. They were so excited.”

TAYLOR sang for the first time on CORNELIA STREET #TSTheErasTour as the first surprise song of Mexico City Night 3! 😭 🇲🇽 via @ladivaza

— Taylor Swift updates (@SwiftNYC) August 27, 2023

Her surprise song last night – “Cornelia Street”. It was a big deal, and Taylor knew it as he told the audience, “You guys have been so incredibly patient and supportive and it’s taken so long for us to get here and play for you guys. So tonight I wanted to give you guys a song that… A lot of fans have asked for the whole tour.”

Taylor has another show in Mexico City on Sunday and then she’s taking some rest… she’s taking a two-month break before continuing her tour in South America.


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