The Baldur’s Gate 3 player spent the month murdering 583 NPCs

For the past few weeks, Reddit users and Baldur’s Gate 3 Player u/caufenkamp used that BG3 sub to catalog their guilty pleasure: genocide of NPCs. On August 26th, they reached a new milestone by murdering and rotting 583 NPCs D&D Act 1 and Act 2 of the role play.

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Blame it, at least in part, on Dark Urge, an opaque origin story that infuses your character with sadistic thoughts that many players feel they can’t dark urge carry out.

While some Dark Urge prompts that appear during dialogue options can be suppressed or ignored, other roads are definitely paved with blood. However, none of these inevitable Dark Durge paths lead to mass murder of NPCs. That was something Caufenkamp, ​​who plays a Dark Urge character anyway, has found a knack for.

Screenshot: Reddit/caufenkamp/Larian Studios/Kotaku

To add more law and order To add spice to the situation, and with the help of a carry weight mod, Caufenkamp also dragged his dead NPCs to a campsite and systematically categorized them, holding the corpses accountable by assigning them to a teddy bear container. She “[j]”I always thought it would be cool to see a visualization of all the players you’re fighting in a game,” they said on their first page BG3 Genocide post originally discovered by Dexerto.

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“Jeffrey Dahmer simulator,” someone noted in a popular comment.

On August 26, Caufenkamp’s murder spree reached extraordinary heights. You can hardly tell they took the time to sort the NPCs by type, such as: B. with goblins, because many inanimate bodies overlap each other like meat noodles.

“Kind of chaotic,” Caufenkamp said of the range on Reddit. “I still randomly lose a few corpses, monsters, and animals,” but they let them go — “I don’t necessarily bother to murder people,” they continued.

Tell the judge. In any case, this serial killer seems destined for a prison performance. Caufenkamp’s latest Reddit update points out that their skeleton closet is causing “some off-camp performance issues” as they progress through Act 3.


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