The Simpsons squandered every single opportunity with this Lagy Gaga episode (hence its lowest rating)

Fans hated Lisa Goes Gaga so much it became the worst episode of all 751.

In 1998, Time Magazine named The Simpsons the best television show of the 20th century. This is not surprising, because it not only tells the story of an American family, but is also full of social satire. The creators aren’t afraid to poke fun at celebrities and politicians, and address serious issues as well.

The Simpsons is a major cultural phenomenon that has influenced the values ​​and beliefs of the entire generation. The cult animated series, which has already achieved classic status, has made references to other works into an art genre in its own right.

Another feature of the series was the cameo appearances of the biggest stars. In 2012, for example, an episode “Lisa Goes Gaga” was released with the participation of Lady Gaga, who was at the absolute peak of her musical career at the time.

But this time, the creators didn’t quite get the ratings they expected from viewers.

According to the plot, the singer comes to Springfield to help Lisa Simpson deal with her depression. Season 23’s Lisa Goes Gaga received the lowest rating from Simpsons fans at just 4 out of 10, according to IMDb.

When stars are invited to take part in an animated series, it is an excellent basis for comedy. For example, Robert Smith of The Cure fought the giantess Barbra Streisand in South Park. The Simpsons, Futurama and South Park have always been known for both celebrity parody and self-deprecation. But that’s not the case with Lisa Goes Gaga.

According to fans, the creators of The Simpsons didn’t make it satirical as usual. The episode was more of a tribute to the pop star, in which she becomes a wise mentor to Lisa and solves her problems. It felt more like a commercial than an episode of the poignant animated series with social commentary.

At the same time, fans feel there was no need to embarrass or insult Lady Gaga. But why didn’t the writers come up with something more original for her than the boring role of idol and mentor? Gaga often acted provocatively in the 2010s and gave many reasons for jokes, but unfortunately none of them were used.

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