The top actress who’s reportedly ‘too pretty’ to join the girls’ generation

Yuri thought she could have been the leader!


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actress Lee Yeon Hee had a guest appearance Girls Generation Yuri‘S youtube channel, where they showed viewers their close friendship. In this special video, the two beauties also showed off their cooking skills for the episode. As Lee Yeon Hee and Yuri ate and chatted, one particular topic caught viewers’ attention – the alleged reason why the actress didn’t make the final cast of Girls’ Generation.

Yuri (left) and Lee Yeon Hee (right) from Girls’ Generation | @yeonhee.luv/Instagram

It started when the girls enjoyed their culinary creation. Lee Yeon Hee stops eating and asks Yuri what she meant about when they used to cook together.

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Lee Yeon Hee: “What did you mean from before?”
Yuri: “If I remember correctly, there is a myth about Yeon Hee never. The real reason Lee Yeon Hee didn’t join Girls’ Generation.”

Here, Yuri revealed that the actress couldn’t join the global girl group because of her top beauty!

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It’s up to Yeon Hee never was too beautiful alone.

— Yuri

Yuri explained the reason, explaining that it is actually a very famous myth SM entertainment Artists know about it.

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No, I’m really serious! There is a myth about this at SM Entertainment. She was just too pretty on her own. People said that if you put her among the other girls, who are all about the same pretty, she would get all the attention.

— Yuri

Yuri then shared her thoughts on what position Lee Yeon Hee would have had if she had debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation, to which the actress had a hilarious reaction.

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Yuri:unnie, I think you would have become the leader.”
Lee Yeon Hee: “If I joined the group and became the leader, I probably wouldn’t have gotten close to you guys hahaha.”

| @Lee Yeon Hee/Facebook

Lee Yeon Hee and her friendships with members of Girls’ Generation are well known, as they all trained together during their traineeships. Following the debut of Girls’ Generation, rumors circulated online about the girl group’s potential debut line-up, which included other well-known SM Entertainment artists, including the actress herself.

In 2018, Lee Yeon Hee addressed those lingering rumors, confessing that she was in fact part of the group’s debut line-up. However, the actress shared that she recognized it “We really missed training with the Girls’ Generation members” Because of this, she believes that she didn’t make it to the end.

Lee Yeon Hee opens up about her lack of confidence on Island Trio.

While she may not have made the final cast, we’re glad she remains close friends with the members of Girls’ Generation. Lee Yeon Hee finally left and joined SM Entertainment in 2020 VAST Entertainment. You can watch Lee Yeon Hee and Yuri’s full video below.

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