Warzone players angry because killstreak is ‘completely useless’ after nerf

Connor Bennett

❘ Published: 2024-02-12T13:17:26 ❘ Updated: 2024-02-12T13:17:37

Call of Duty Warzone players are somewhat divided over a killstreak, with some believing it has become “completely useless” after a recent nerf.

Although Warzone is separate from Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode and even has its own specific buffs and nerfs for weapons, Warzone has integrated numerous classic CoD features in its own way.

This includes killstreaks, but you don’t need three kills for a UAV, so to speak. The stripes can instead be purchased at purchase stations, found in loot boxes, or picked up from an enemy after you kill them.

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The developers have rarely tweaked the streaks, but they recently took action to nerf the Precision Airstrike in Season 2. Instead of just an on-screen banner warning that an airstrike is heading toward your area, you can now see the flight path of the bombers – as well as the blast zone.

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Warzone players are annoyed about the Precision Airstrike nerf

According to some players, this has rendered the killstreak “useless” and they are upset about the change. “Is it just me, or with the addition of precision air strike blast zone representation, the kill streak in Warzone has become all but useless,” said one disgruntled fan, who had a lot to agree with.

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“However, I think there should only be the Audible notice. IIRC, early Warzone had almost no warning, just an audible call for an airstrike, and I enjoyed that since it required good placement to get the kill,” another agreed.

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“I don’t think they understood the notifications correctly, so they added this instead. Such bullshit lol,” said another. “I don’t find PAs useful anymore. “If people know exactly how much damage there is long before the attack, they can always get out of the way in time,” commented another.

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However, some players argued otherwise, claiming that the killstreak works best as a finishing move for downed players rather than trying to use it in place of a weapon.

“Get the down and finish with the strike. I agree. I’d rather have it the way it is now than walk a mile and still get killed by it lol,” one said. “It’s objectively better now. PAs are way too common anyway. This makes up for it,” another added.

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It’s unlikely that the developers will make any changes any time soon since the new notification was only added recently, but it might be something to think about down the road.

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