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Mars enters Libra on Sunday, where it will remain until mid-October. During this time, expect to feel even more indecisive than usual, waver between options, or have trouble committing to a plan. Even if you Do If you know exactly what you want, your path to getting there may not be the most direct: charm and persuasion will yield better results than confrontation at the moment. Then, on Monday evening, Uranus’ retrograde will end: as the most rebellious of planets advances at full speed, expect life to become more unpredictable in the coming months. Finally, on Wednesday evening, the full moon in Pisces awakens your sensitivity and imagination. Nobody can be practical all the time. This is your reminder to let yourself dream.

Life has been wild for you lately and full of changes of all kinds. And while you are good at dealing with unexpected challenges, you may need some time to regroup at this point. If your heart or body is telling you this week to clear your schedule, listen. They are almost constantly on the move, and that is unsustainable in the long run. Try stillness, stillness, and quiet reflection for a while.

In most cases you try to avoid surprises – it’s not that you want to live a boring and monotonous existence, of course, but in your experience unexpected changes bring more problems than excitement and joy. This week is likely to be unpredictable – but that’s not necessarily bad news. If you are stuck in a dead end, you have a chance to break free. Sometimes surprises bring exactly what you needed but didn’t even dare hope for.

Even the most spontaneous and adventurous person – e.g. B. You – needs structure in her days. But while some routines provide a sense of groundedness and discipline, others only serve to constrict you or distract you from what’s truly important to you. So take a moment this week to re-evaluate the patterns of your daily life. It might not seem that exciting, but the effects will be visible to the outside world.

If you’re having trouble making an important decision or organizing your feelings, it can help to step back from the topic this week. Try breaking out of your routine for a while: cook a new recipe, make plans with new people, take a different route to work. You don’t have to do anything dramatic – even the smallest changes can help you see your life in a new way. You may end up confirming what you already knew, but you may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Either way, you’ll find the clarity you’ve been looking for.

Most of the time you already know what you can say correctly, but this week remember that there are some people who just can’t be persuaded, and the harder it gets, the harder it gets make The more they change their minds, the more resilient they will be. When you’re frustrated with someone in your life, the best thing to do is take a step back. The less pressure you try to exert, the more willing they will be to listen to you and the more likely they will do what you’ve been hoping for all along.

In friendship and romance, you try to be clear about your needs and expectations – not because you are a picky or demanding person, but because you don’t want to waste anyone’s time. When someone can’t or won’t give you what you’re looking for, the only option is often to walk away. Just be careful this week not to cut off prematurely and run away. Building trust and intimacy takes time, and people make honest mistakes along the way. You are allowed to give (or ask for) a second chance. Solving problems can lead to stronger relationships later.

Over the years you have worked hard to build and maintain your confidence and learn to really like yourself. By now you know how wonderful and capable you are. The problem is that you don’t always feel it other people do. However, this week you may have the opportunity to show them off. When challenges come your way, face them. You have the skills, intelligence and inner resources to deal with whatever the universe throws at you. Let yourself shine and others will finally notice.

This week you might be feeling a little grumpy. You know you’re interesting and smart and have so much to offer the world, but that’s it hard find a way to use your energies. You feel it should be a lot easier to find a job that challenges you, a relationship that brings out the best in you, or a community that you truly belong to. But while everything may be unnecessarily difficult at the moment, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Don’t give up hope – you’re making more progress than you think.

They are smart and observant, and can read and respond to social cues quickly. This week, however, try to slow down a bit and take the time to make sure you really understand what people are saying to you. Right now it’s easy to jump to conclusions, imagine the worst of others, and spot bad intentions where they don’t exist. Give your friends a chance to explain what they really mean. listen carefully Ask questions. First impressions can be flawed, but if you approach others with curiosity and an open heart, you can find out the truth.

It’s hard to know what to do with all your energy and ambition when the world feels like it’s falling apart. What’s the point of working toward personal goals when the future is so uncertain? If you are unsure about anything else in your life this week, focus on relationships and community. Don’t worry so much about success or achievement, just make it a priority to treat others right. In fact, it’s possible that kindness, more than any strategy or hard work, is now helping you make progress.

Sometimes you get frustrated when the people around you seem happy with the status quo when they don’t seem to want to be more. They have amazing, creative ideas about what life and the future could be like and it’s insane to feel like no one else cares, like exploring on your own. But don’t settle for solitude—this week is a chance to connect with the people around you and inspire them to share your ideas as much as you do. Even get them to dream bigger for themselves too.

After feeling exhausted and uncomfortable for a while, this week you might find that you finally feel like it You again. If the inside of your head was unbearably loud, now you can hear yourself thinking. If you’ve been worried about a relationship, at least have the strength to talk about it. That doesn’t mean that everything will be easy, just that you are well prepared for the ups and downs. You are brave and kind and you know who you are. Life is strange, but you might still find your happiness.

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