What does the Starfield Digital Premium Edition offer you besides an early release date?



Starfield pulls the New Era ploy that’s so common with big games these days, “Actually, this game comes out five days early if you want to pay more.” But in this case, it’s a way for Xbox to squeeze even more money out of players, while most of them will simply play for free (“free”) on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

The regular edition of the game costs $69 if you buy it directly for Xbox or on Steam. But the Digital Premium Edition, which is expected to release on September 1 rather than September 6, costs $99 (technically it’s August 31, 8 p.m. in the US). And if you want to “upgrade” beyond the Game Pass-only edition, that’s $35. I guess I just challenged you for the extra $5 for no reason.

Of course you are not Only You pay $30-$35 for early access. This is in fact something of an expansion pass. You also get:

The Shattered Space story expansion. – We have no idea how big this is or how far away it is from release, but it’s essentially the DLC portion of this expensive pass. However, this states that this is the case First Story extension, so more are added that are not included in the price here.



A Constellation Skin Pack: Equinox Laser Rifle, Space Suit, Helm, and Boost Pack – Such pre-order things are somewhat standard in packages like this one. As “skins,” they shouldn’t be a powerful gear set that affects gameplay.

Access to the Starfield digital artbook and original soundtrack – I think the “access” here is digital as it is a digital upgrade pack.

There is actually a super expensive $300 “Constellation” collector’s edition that comes with an actual Constellation watch and everything else. I heard the watch is actually pretty cool for its value. However, I believe that it is sold out almost everywhere. Limited supply of watches and so on.

Although I am under an embargo I can say that I cannot confirm anything in the digital or collector’s packs. I have no further information about the extension. I don’t have these special skins. If you’re someone who really likes Bethesda RPGs and wants to play long-term, it’s probably worth picking up the future expansion with just the five days of early access alone. But as everyone from Pete Hines and Phil Spencer has said, this is a 50, 100, 200+ hour game and they hope you’ll play it for as long as people played something like Skyrim for a decade or so . So I’m not sure how important five days is in the long run.

But yes, that is the package. See you in a few days with a review.

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